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About Dr. Bradford stuck

Dr. Bradford Stucki’s education and experience is perfectly suited for his work at Conscious Couples. Even before his formal studies, while working in customer service and university teaching, he enjoyed observing people to successfully communicate and, ultimately, to identify and meet the needs of others from varied backgrounds. 

While earning his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) at Abilene Christian University, he began working with couples in a counseling setting, and he knew he was in the right place. He continued to grow his skills in relationship work while earning his Ph.D. in Human Development at Virginia Tech University (VT). While at VT, he worked with adults, couples, and families, furthering his knowledge in systemic relationships. A question he always came back to was: “How can I best serve my clients?” This aligns with his core belief: “While we are each on our own journey, we can help each other along the way” in addition to a value he places on helping others. 

Towards this end, Dr. Stucki is an avid learner. In fact, curiosity is one of his essential qualities. He completed Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 2 in Fall 2022 to continue his professional work with couples. This lens of curiosity allows him to maintain a thoughtful presence with clients, to deepen his understanding of the challenges they face, and to guide them in the appropriate way. In addition, persistence in the face of challenge is important to him. Dr. Stucki truly invests in his clients’ success and is always happy to locate and share additional resources with couples to meet their goals.

At Conscious Couples, Dr. Stucki provides services to couples in all stages of their relationship - from those who are beginning to explore a long-term relationship and desire to know if they will make good partners, to long-term married spouses who may be at a communication impasse.

Dr. Stucki welcomes providing services to pre-marital couples to establish healthy patterns, but he equally appreciates assisting relationships that have experienced a significant disruption. He is experienced working with clients who find communicating or relating to others difficult and those who experience the interference of anxiety or depression in their life or relationship. Dr. Stucki also takes an interest in working with individuals who  with self-esteem, stress, perfectionism, or life transitions

Dr. Stucki firmly believes that small, consistent choices bring about immense changes. In turn, relationships are strengthened over time. He has seen this principle play out time and again with those in his care. Clients have certainly benefited from the education, skill, compassion, and curiosity that he brings to his work. The value to a couples relationship, both in the therapy room and beyond the end of therapy, is immense. 

In addition to completing even more training in couples therapy, Dr. Stucki  is preparing his dissertation research for publication. In his spare time, you may find Dr. Stucki with a racquet in his hand whether it be tennis, ping pong, or badminton. He also enjoys chess and non-fiction literature. From his office, he has a gorgeous snow-capped mountain view.

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