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Clinical Supervision

I am able to offer clinical supervision towards clinical psychology licensure (Psy.D. or Ph.D.),  clinical social worker (LCSW) licensure, marriage and family therapist licensure  (LMFT), and licensed professional counselors licensure (LPC). Having spent 20+ years providing clinical services to individuals and over 10 years providing therapy to couples, I am able to work with trainees who prefer to work with either individuals or couples. I have treated individuals from adolescents to senior adults with presenting concerns that included anxiety disorders of all kinds, including PTSD, OCD, generalized anxiety, and phobias,  as well as major depression, Bipolar disorder, and issues of adjustment. I’ve also successfully treated individuals in mid life or older undergoing significant life transitions, complex medical needs,  and many others conditions.  


My primary approaches to clinical supervision are from a developmental perspective, focused on increasing clinical skills to apply knowledge of theory to practice, and from a position of multicultural awareness. My desire is to provide a brave and supportive space where you can feel free to explore opportunities for clinical growth and feel proud of your "wins." Awareness of your cultural identities and the impact they have are also valued. I believe that keen awareness of your personal identities (i.e, race, gender, class, sexual orientation, etc) is necessary for compassionate work across cultures no matter the theoretical orientation used.  


 I am happy to discuss your supervision requirements, goals, and desired schedule. In some instances, individual supervision may be augmented with group supervision to offer both a cost-effective option and for the benefit of shared experience and peer consultation. In addition to weekday appointments, evening and weekend appointments may be available. Please contact me for further questions, to discuss fit, or if you would like me to send you my Philosophy of Supervision statement for your review. 


Supervision Rates
  • $150 per hour of individual supervision

  • $50 per hour of group supervision (3-6 licensees)

  • A package of 10 individual supervision hours is $1267 (15% savings)


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