Grow Your Love at Home

Conscious Couples provides online couples therapy through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Evening & weekend appointments available. 


ABOUT Dr.Renee 

Concerned about your relationship? You're not alone. Even if you weren't stressed before, the recent pandemic has placed extra pressure on relationships. {Read more about how to care for your relationship during the current crisis in my Blog}. Plus, the world is hurting right now (#BlackLives Matter), which disrupts the harmony in our hearts and homes. 


I have had bad relationships (trust me) and now have a healthy one. I want for others to claim this right as well. Plus, I believe that healthy individuals and healthy partnerships are the cornerstone for healthy societies. 

I hope you will join me on this important quest of honoring yourself, your family, and your tribe by joining the Conscious Couple movement. 




Ÿawake, mindful, aware 




ŸTwo people connected and bound by love 

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By Dr. Renee del Rio