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7 Benefits of Couples Teletherapy
  1. The home court advantage. You can enjoy familiar physical comforts, such as your most comfortable chair or favorite blanket, while developing yourself emotionally in this private and convenient counseling model.

  2. Saves time. Saving time is a perk that all clients appreciate in this streamlined format, i.e., not having to deal with traffic, parking, and so forth. I recommend you set aside 5 min prior to logging in to make the emotional transition from tasks you were doing to the awaiting appointment, but it sure beats setting aside an extra 30 min or more to get to an office.

  3. Flexible scheduling. Working via telehealth allows for more flexible scheduling on both sides. Couples report that it's easier for them to commit to appointments during the workday, while one or both partners are at their respective offices, as well as in the evening before or after dinner.

  4. Babysitter free. Sessions may be scheduled after small children are in bed or older children are watching TV or doing homework, which saves money and convenience from arranging childcare.

  5. Therapy without borders. Another prime advantage of this form of psychotherapy is that it does not have to stop while you go out of town (in most cases). While it is understandable if you want to be “unplugged” while visiting the Greek Isles, most people would choose to continue treatment while away from home on more routine trips. No more excuses for not following up on your goals!

  6. Creation of a home safety zone. Designated a particular room or space in your home as a therapeutic zone will benefit you going forward. This "safe space" will become mentally connected with working on your relationship, helping you get "in the zone" when practicing exercises and having therapeutic conversations in the future.

  7. Accessible emotional supports. As long as they are not distracting to your therapeutic work, you can have emotional support animals or other coping tools at your disposal. Even a pre-therapy ritual of meditation or calming tea can be easy to accommodate from your home space.


We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship."


Dr. Harville Hendrix

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